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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Basso moves into poll position

What an amazing final 25K today. Once Simoni attacked the peloton, Basso just took over and drove all the way to the line. Savoldelli managed to get a 15 second gap on the decent of the penultimate hill, but once it came back together, Basso just blew the entire race apart. Simoni couldn't hold, DiLuca did an amazing job to only lose a minute, and Savoldelli did well to hang on at times and managed to come around Basso for the stage win.

Basso and Savoldelli both looked super smooth even on the toughest gradients. Basso only got out of his saddle a few times, while Savoldelli danced his way up (as Phil might say). Big losers today were Cunego - somewhere around 6 minutes - and Garzelli - who might have been suffering from the fall last week and must surely now ride in support of DiLuca and even Cioni.

Phenomenal stuff.