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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Big GC Shakeup

Wow! Lampre blew the race apart today with Cunego and Simoni (as well as Savoldelli and DiLuca) getting 53 seconds on Basso, Garzelli and Cioni (who may have lost even more because of a fall), and Bettini who has, presumably, seen his last days in pink.

Amazing that the top of the GC before the hills and before any time trial is begining to look a lot like the GC we could expect at the end of the three weeks. Cunego has 30 seconds on Simoni and a minute on Savoldelli and Basso. Lets see how much his time trialling has improved. It's Game-on tomorrow!

DiLuca very deservedly back in pink - great ride, once again, by him. But, this time, he didn't have his team helping - it'll be interesting to see his form when the race goes vertical.