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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Liquigas class

Today was the first day that I watched the OLN streaming online (I watched the recording version yesterday). Thankfully, I switched from the live text coverage on cyclingnews (which was really slow and not updated nearly enough) to velonews (which did a remarkable job).

The streaming is interesting - it's different to TV camera work even though it's the same thing (I know that makes no sense). Maybe it's the lack of commentary, but I also think it's less edited. Either way, it's pretty exciting stuff and very good quality.

Speaking of quality, Liquigas blew me away today. I thought Bettini was going to walk away with the stage but DiLuca, Garzelli and Cioni rode outstanding tempo to launch DiLuca for the win. Interesting that Cunego had the legs and felt confident to give him a great run for his money and probably would have pipped him if the finish line was a further 10 yards away. Garzelli grabbed third to top off Liquigas' day.

All of the big hitters (Cunego, Garzelli, Savoldelli, Cioni, Simoni, Gonchar, Basso) finished in the leading group, and there was consolation for Bettini in reclaiming maglia rosa...