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Monday, May 09, 2005

Strida update

So I got the following response from Strida to my ealier post:

hello Dave,

thanks for your recent inquiry with strida. to address this problem you

a) tighten the steering pin bolts. (part number 272.) this almost always
solves the probelm

b) retighten crank bolts (p/n 167)

c) tighten bb moulding bolts (p/n 164)

d) add a little white lightning DRY-lube ( to top seam of plastic bottom bracket-moulding (p/n 111)

c) add a little white lightning DRY-lube to steering pin (p/n 216)

d) take bike to a bike shop to make sure bottom bracket (122-xx) is
properly adjusted. regreasing bottom bracket bearings (122-03) helps.

e) install a new freewheel (177-02) (

f) remove and add white lithium greast between bottom bracket moulding (111)
and bearing cups (122-04).

g) ensure adquate space between drum brake flange and brake cover plate. (see
attached image.) use flat screw driver to prise cover plate away from brake drum
flange if there is metal to metal contact.


strida customer service

So it seems my only recourse having spent a lot of my own time and $37 at a bike shop is to spend more money with Strida on (e) a new freewheel, which might solve the problem. I'm gonna be creaking my way around Manhattan until I decide how to react...