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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Catching up

Work still kicking me while I'm down so not much posting of late.

On Friday, two fairly unknown riders got much of the headlines - after a lengthy breakaway, Chris Mengin crashed within sight of the line in very slick conditions and causing a chain reaction of crashes behind, and into him. Bernucci Bravo who was chasing down Mengin managed to avoid the crash and with info being fed from Cancellara who went down, he pushed all the way to the line for the win. The big news though was second placed rider Vinokourov who was slowed down by Mengin's crash but managed to stay on his bike and steal 19 seconds from Armstrong's lead.

Friday saw Robbie McEwan bag his second stage to draw level with Boonen on wins - that dq is looking costly... Hushovd is still looking strong and could play spoiler in the green jersey competition.