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Friday, July 29, 2005

Life without Lance

I'm just back from the Denver/Boulder area in Colorado and feeling very fat and sluggish having not had the opportunity to do any altitude training... While I was working out there I was thinking about life without Lance and have decided to give up blogging because there's just no point any more!

OK, I'm kidding, but I was thinking about what this means and I think it's great on a number of levels:

American cycling has never been so strong. 3 in the top 10 of the Tour; 5 in the top 20; every day except one in Yellow; 3 US stage wins (not counting the TTT) and three US stage winners; even ignoring Lance, there are star riders/leaders from the US on teams from several countries - Switzerland (Landis), Germany (Leipheimer), Spain (Horner), Denmark (Julich and Zabriskie), Belgium (Rodriguez was a star lead out man for McEwan); as well as the strength of the one US team - nice timing for Discovery to take over! Lets hope it all translates into a continued interest from OLN...

Discovery - Lance will no doubt remain heavily involved in the team, but with and without him, this year has been amazing - the Giro, The Tour de Georgia, the Volta Catalunya, Kurne, the Tour and three stages from three riders as well as a host of smaller races and very significant placings (Paris-Roubaix). Bodes very, very well for the post-Lance era.

The Tour - It's hard to see anyone beating Basso give his form this year, his dedication year round and his support from a very savvy Bjarne Riis. Now that Ullrich's primary motivation is gone, I'm not convinced we'll see him on the podium again...

Ex-Mountain Bikers - some very highly placed fat tire riders this year, including some top-10 finishers - Rasmussen, Evans, Landis

Exciting riding - there are a few riders coming through that are being heralded as potential tour winners that have a great deal of all-round skill - Valverde, Cunego, DiLuca, etc. have the potential to out-Vino Vino and turn any stage race on its head, from hills to sprints these guys are just exciting to watch whether in stage races or full-on classics.