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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Inauspicious first Tour of Benelux

The inaugural Eneco Tour of Benelux has had a painful birth with a lot of riders complaining about the event organization and with the fiasco earlier in the week when the entire peloton went off the course only to be guided back to the course by local, and race leader, Rik Verbrugghe. In the mean time, the breakaway that comprised Scott Sunderland, Jason McCartney and Bart Dockx were forced to stop and wait for the peloton to catch up and were then denied two minutes that they had had on the peloton because the directionally challenged group had riden a few extra miles. I wonder if the Benelux Tour will still be a part of the ProTour next year.

Apparently the reason for the peloton getting lost was because an official left his post - most of the examples of bad turns that I can think of - especially those at the end of stages are because of officials actually sending people the wrong way - not sure I can remember another time that the peloton has had to decide which way to go because there was nobody there to guide them.