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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Following Tyler Hamilton's failed test at last year's Vuelta, this year's winner, Roberto Heras is now accused of having taken EPO based on the testing of his A sample from a TT stage.  Heras is protesting his innocence, but as you'd expect has been suspended until the B Sample results are provided. 
Given the protestations of innocence from the likes of Tyler, Heras, Lance, etc, I really do hope that they have their testing methods perfected.  There are times that this seems like a witch hunt (against Lance in particular) and times when you wonder whether there can be so much smoke (on a sport-wide basis) without any fire.  Only the individual riders can know for sure whether they cheat, but I really hope that people's careers aren't being destroyed based on over-zealous applications of tests or of inconclusive testing methods that are being taken as gospel.