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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Indurain's Ullrich

An interesting question thrown up by Chris on Digital Peloton about whether Indurain "had an Ullrich".
In his 5 TdF wins, no one rider was second on more than one occasion (Chiappucci and Bugno being the only two-time podium finishers during his winning era), and in the Giro, Ugmanov (a TdF runner up in '94) and Chiappucci were on the second podium steps. Big Mig's other big win - the San Sebastian classic - had Laurent Jalabert and Sean Kelly on the lower steps.

So, I suppose Chiappucci was the closest thing he had to an Ullrich, but in essence, I think the answer is no, he didn't have one...

Obviously, Anquetil and Mercx both had Poulidor, but, Hinault didn't really have a single 'one' either - did he?